About the MSA

Who We Are

Welcome to Carleton University’s Muslim Students’ Association! May peace be with you. We are your resource on campus for all things pertaining to practicing your faith and having the services necessary to do so comfortably. Our vision is to empower and inspire students to be a positive force for change, starting with our commitment to our school and expanding to help those around us. Our family is always growing, with our vast and diverse membership making us the biggest club on campus. With the grace and help of God, our hope is to provide an outlet that inspires students to do good works and by extension join our family. In short, we are your Family in Faith.

What We Do

Along with being your unofficial family during your time here at Carleton, our mission is to provide a welcoming and enriching environment through the services and special events we offer. We also aim to represent the concerns of Carletons’ Muslim student body, encourage civic engagement and raise awareness about Islam. Some of our main services include the maintaining of our regular prayer space, organizing Friday prayers and providing religious programming and accommodations for special events like Iftars or Eid celebrations. We also provide events for both brothers and sisters, as well as host the annual Islam Awareness Week on campus. For a more comprehensive list, please check our services and events page.