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Equity Services

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Roommate Services

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Our Purpose

Who We Are

We are the Muslim Students’ campus resource for all things pertaining to the practice of our faith. We seek to expand to better help those around us. With the grace of god, our hope is to inspire students to do good and join our family; we are your Family in Faith.

What We Do

Along with being your unofficial family here, we aim to represent Carleton’s Muslim student body, encourage civic engagement, raise awareness about Islam, and organize events and services.

Who Do We Serve

We are committed to serve the Muslim student body at Carleton University. Our family is always growing, with our vast and diverse membership, making us the biggest club on campus.

Our Values

Sincere Intentions

We work within the Islamic ethical code, striving for moral excellence with good character by serving the community for the sake of God. Working with sincere intentions enables us to have what we believe to be blessed and fulfilling experiences.


The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (peace be upon him), said: “Surely God loves when any of you does an endeavor that they seek to perfect it.” Thus, we strive to do our work with excellence and high-quality.


Support is a key part of community, and we aim to provide it for one another to balance our social and work life. Our work should help us strengthen our team bonds, and make teamwork more efficient.