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The Roommates Service has helped young Muslim men and women — those new to the city and those returning to school — to find suitable accommodation in keeping with the requirements of their faith.

Brothers Roommate Requests:

Offering Room: Big House Near Carleton Available Starting May 2020!

Name: Yacine A

Price (per month): $500

Email: scienceshumaines123@gmail.com


Asalamualaikum wrahmatullahi wabarakaatu!

Looking for a clean and respectful Muslim student to join other brothers attending Carleton starting May 2020 inshallah.

House is located at Kintyre Private, Ottawa, and is close to Carleton University. The house is near Meadowlands and Prince of Wales in Carleton Heights.

Utilities Included: Heat, Water, Hydro, and Wifi.

Fully furnished, hardwood floor, fridge, stovetop, washer and dryer.

Bedrooms are on the 2nd floor of the 4-bedroom house. 2 Bathrooms.

No smokers, no pets.

Car parking also available. Please inquire if needed.

Reach out for more information. Jazakallahu Kheiran!


Name: Rafshan Chowdhury

Price (per month): $500-550

Email: rafshan.chowdhury@gmail.com


I am looking for a room to rent with Muslim brothers preferably near Gloucester Centre. I want to move in on 15th March. Please contact me if anything is available. Rafshan- 905 243 6178

Looking for shared accommodation with other brothers

Name: Ibrahim

Price (per month): $650

Email: amulattoofstyle@hotmail.com


Young professional revert looking for shared accommodation with other devout brothers.

Looking for a room in a house/apt with Muslims

Name: Ahmad amarneh

Price (per month): $600

Email: dynamic_ahmed@yahoo.com


Iā€™m student a Carleton university looking for a room with Muslims

Looking for a room-mate from May 1st (Ideal location for CarletonU/uOttawa/Algonquin students)

Name: Ferhan Jamal

Price (per month): $422

Email: fjamal21@gmail.com


ā€¢ Its a 2 bedroom apartment beside Smyth station (1755 Riverside Drive/ 1755 Frobisher Lane)

ā€¢ Space for 1 person available (on sharing basis) šŸ 

ā€¢ Great location, close to Billings bridge and Hurdman

ā€¢ 1 min walk to Bus station: DIRECT BUS to CarletonU (13min), uOttawa (14min), Algonquin (18min), South Keys, Downtown, St. Laurent, Kanata, o-train station (97, 98, 87, 88, 104, 106 etc) šŸšŒ

ā€¢ Bug-free apartment, neat, clean and spacious

ā€¢ Tennis court, gym, card-operated laundry 24/7 šŸŠ šŸ‹ļø šŸŽ¾

ā€¢ Beautiful view of Downtown and Rideau River šŸŒ²

ā€¢ Rent (including all utilities): $422 šŸ’°

ā€¢ Indoor parking extra for $75 (if you need it), space also available
outside the building free of cost which is a best option for summer and fall. šŸš—

ā€¢ Move in by May 1st 2020 (dates can be flexible)

ā€¢ Male only.

ā€¢ For more information, contact me at fjama21@gmail.com

Looking for a Place

Name: Ahmed

Price (per month): $650

Email: ahmed6005@hotmail.com


Looking for a quiet place with a car parking

Sisters Roommate Requests:


Offering a room

Name: Naheed

Price (per month): $Contact

Email: naheed.danish@yahoo.com


I have a room available for long term

Offering a place

Name: May alsaleh

Price (per month): $600

Email: miealsaleh3d@gmail.com


I am looking for a quite female, no smoke, no party.
Available on February

Offering a room

Name: Nada Hendawy

Price (per month): $$ 550

Email: Drnadahendawy6@gmail.com


Looking for a female roommate to share a an appartement, from November 2019. It has bus stop directly in front of the building It is a very convenient location from both the universities (20 mins away by bus), please inbox me for further details.

Close to Tim Hortons, Shoppers Drug Mart, McDonald ‘ s, Farmers Pick grocery store, Freshcho, dollarama, Address : 1186-meadowlands drive east.

Offering for a place

Name: Mi Alsaleh

Price (per month): $600

Email: miealsaleh3d@gmail.com


Mature female, clean and quite
No smoking, no party or friends, one month deposit.

Intern Student

Name: SS

Price (per month): $0

Email: samia.saqib@ryerson.ca



I am looking for a room/ accomodation from May-August 2020. I am a quiet Muslim Sister. No partying, drinking, smoking, and I dont have any pets. My budget is anywhere from $500-650. Please get back to me if you are looking for a roomate!

JazakAllah Khair šŸ™‚


Offering a Room

Name: Zehra

Price (per month): $525

Email: zehracosskun@gmail.com


I’m looking for a female roommate, no smoking, no partying. Starting on May 1st. Very close to Carleton, 30 mins bus ride. Please email me if you have any questions.

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