Chaplaincy Services

CU-MSA is fortunate to offer Chaplaincy Services

We welcome you all to the Chaplaincy Services that the CU-MSA offers in order to provide you with a safe and inclusive environment to speak with our chaplains. The goal of the Muslim Chaplaincy Services is to augment a Muslim student identity for students by providing support, mentorship, counselling, and guidance. The chaplains are previous students who went through the same experiences that most Muslim students are facing daily. Feel free to grab this opportunity and have a word with one of our chaplains Sr. Nimao Ali or Br. Osama Berrada

Br. Osama Berrada


Room: Spirituality Centre (Tory T-27)
Hours: Wednesdays, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
To book appointments outside of the chaplaincy hours, email at 

Osama Berrada graduated with an HBSc in Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa, and completed a Master of Public Health from Queen’s University by 2013. Currently, he’s an accomplished IT professional working for TELUS Health as a Project Manager. From a very young age, he studied traditional Islam, sitting at the hands of Scholars studying traditional texts and learning the Spiritual Sciences. Osama has been a mentor to youth and peers in the Ottawa community for the past 10 years. He teaches community classes, does spiritual counselling, and leads prayer in the various centers around town. He is a well-respected leader, and a roster Imam for Friday Sermon delivery at the Outaouais Islamic Centre (Gatineau), the Islamic Care Centre (Downtown, Ottawa), and the University of Ottawa.

Ustadha Nimao Ali


Room: Spirituality Centre (Tory T-27)
Hours: Thursdays and Fridays, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
To book appointments outside of the chaplaincy hours, please email Ustadha Nimao Ali at


Ms. Nimao Ali fled a civil war in her native Somalia and came to Canada as a teenager to start a new life, like many immigrant families. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Mathematics at Carleton University and later received an Adult Education Teaching Certificate at Algonquin College. She continued her education, completing subsequently Principal Qualifications at York University.  Ms. Ali has been working as an educator for both adults and children for almost 20 years. After over a decade of teaching at Abraar School (private Islamic school in Ottawa), Ms. Ali eventually became the principal of Abraar Secondary School.   Ms. Ali spent many summers working on aid projects in East Africa with the Somali Canadian Education and Rural Development Organization. She has also co-founded local organizations undertaking key projects in girls’ education and empowerment in Canada.  Ali’s past local volunteer involvements include: working as a Muslim cultural sensitivity trainer in the Diversity & Race Relations Department of the Ottawa Police Service, sitting on the RCMP National Adviser Committee as a member, serving as a member on the OCISO None-Profit Housing board and holding key positions in the Ottawa chapter of the Muslim Association of Canada. In 2017, Nimao served as an external adviser to the Minister of Children and Youth Services of Ontario and she is a current board member of Somerset West Community Health Centre.  A tireless mother of three, Ms. Ali is also a sought-after inspirational speaker both at home and abroad. She was nominated for the 2017 Governor General Awards for her outstanding leadership.