Be Part of the MSA Family!

What is the MSA?

  1. We are the Carleton University Muslim Student Association (CUMSA).
  2. It’s a group of Muslim students that have come together and formed the largest club on campus!
  3. Their priorities? To make it easier for you to fulfill your religious obligations as well as providing opportunities for students to learn more about the religion, and to form bonds with their fellow brothers and sisters in Islam through fun trips and events.
  4. The MSA collaborates with other clubs on campus to spread awareness of intriguing issues within our society such as poverty, mental health, injustice, racial equalization and sexual discrimination.
  5. The MSA is a safe, loving place for Muslim students to come together and share their ideas and feel a part of the #FamilyinFaith.
Interested in Becoming a Council Member?

Within the MSA, we have various departments/focuses tailored for you to become a part of and the subgroups itself are a small family of their own. We have various teams such as:

  1. Finance (Fundraising/Resource Management/Sales)
  2. Communications (Photography/Videography/Graphic Design/Social Media/Blog)
  3. Event Planning (Special Trips/Sister’s Events/Brother’s Events)
  4. Internal (Anti-Racism and Gender Equity committees)
  5. External (Reaching out to clubs and organizations for collabs and sponsorship)
  6. Services (Islamic Programming/Prayer Committee)
  7. Administration (Website Design/Newsletter)

For more detailed information, check out our constitution here.

How can you help?

  1. Due to MSA being one of the largest clubs on campus that tend to collaborate with organizations both on and off campus, we often need help with fundraising, advertising, marketing, and organizing our events. We always appreciate and recommend new bodies joining the club as it brings a fresh face to the mix as well as a different perspective that we can all benefit from.
  2. Whether you’re a GENERAL VOLUNTEER OR COUNCIL MEMBER, you are WELCOME to attend our exec meetings in which we discuss logistics and finances of upcoming events for the semester. Good news is that we have monthly exec meetings so if you are unable to attend one, you can always follow up with the monthly council meetings which are MANDATORY for ALL MEMBERS.
How to stay in the loop?

  1. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter that updates you about khateebs, prayer locations, Upcoming events
  2. Follow us on our various platforms: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and website.
  3. Keep an eye out for post-jummah announcements as they do contain important information that may be beneficial for you.