Points System – IAW 2018

The point system is a fantastic way to stay engaged during the week of IAW. There are many ways to attain points.

  • Points are earned collectively as a booth
  • A scores table indicating the current points total of all booths will be updated here regularly
  • There are no way to lose the points you have accumulated but please make sure to attend all trainings/workshops and please try to be on time!
  • The booth with the most points will win a special prize!

How can you earn points?

5 points – coming on time for training and workshops

10 points – Consistent Attendance: Training Sessions

10 points – Consistent Attendance: Workshop Sessions

10 points – Consistent Attendance: week of IAW

20 points – Finishing Poster on time

30 points – Finishing Attraction on time

20 points – Finishing Video on time

10 points – Bringing Baked Goods

More points will be attained for bringing a larger food item (big plate of cake vs. small box of cookies)

50 points – Having the best attraction

30 points – Second best attraction

10 points – Third best attraction

25 points – Speaking in the Closing Circle

100 points – Raising the most money

70 points – Raising second most money

50 points – Raising third most money

30 EXTRA points – Setting up

25 points – Tear down

10 points – Changing display picture by 11:59 PM on designated day