Founded in 19??, the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) at Carleton University started with relatively humble beginnings being a central place in the social, cultural, and religious life of Muslim students on campus. Since then, the MSA has grown to be the largest and most organized student club at the university with a membership of over ??1,500?? students, faculty, and staff. The purpose of the MSA is to serve and represent the needs of Muslims on and off campus. Therefore, the purpose of this page is to act as a historical archive to chronologically covey the history of the MSA since it’s inception in 19?? up to the present moment.

  • 19?? – The Carleton University Muslim Students’ Association (CU-MSA) was established
  • 19?? – First Islam Awareness Week held in
  • 20?? – The Prayer Room became dedicated for Muslims
  • 2011 – The Friday Prayers became held in Norm Fenn Lounge
  • 20?? – The Multifaith Centre opened in place of Ziggy’s barbershop
  • 2014 – he CU-MSA rebranded along with the creation the cumsa.ca website
  • 2015 – The Communications committee is formed dedicated to providing media content and marketing the various events and services
  • October 2017 – The abolution room renovation for both the brothers’ and sisters’ finished after being closed for renovations for a year
  • 2018 – The CU-MSA received the Club of the Year 2017-18 Award from CUSA and became the first plaque entry on the Club of the Year trophy