Muslim students may find themselves in a position of needing to break their fast during an exam. Thus, for the convenience of these students, an accommodation will be offered to allow them to break their fast during exam period while still being able to continue writing their exam. 

Should you find yourself under the above circumstance, follow these steps to request an accommodation:

1) Immediately inform your instructor that you will require a religious accommodation during your exam period. The instructor will contact Examination Services to notify them of your request. It is, therefore, important to contact your instructor as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for your request to be accommodated.

2) On the evening of your exam, send a reminder of your accommodation to your instructor. Provide as much details as possible, including the exact time you will be breaking your fast and the type of food you will bring with you (preferably, bring a small snack).

3) Before or on the day of your exam, your instructor will explain the procedure for breaking fast during the exam period.

You may be designated a space to break your fast while accompanied by a supervisor. When it is time for you to break your fast, quietly rise from your chair and proceed to the designated area. Once you have broken your fast, return to your desk to complete writing your exam.