Section 2 of part III in the Carleton University Human Rights Policies and Procedures policies states that “Carleton University accommodates students who, by reason of religious obligation, must miss an examination, test, assignment deadline, laboratory or other compulsory academic event”. Muslim students have the right to have accommodations for exams or other academic initiatives that fall on either Eid Al Fitr or Eid Al Adha. The most commonly cited days on which those events are to occur within the next 3 years are listed in the Religious Observances Calendar prepared by Equity Services.

The Student guide to academic accommodation provides the following steps to request an accommodation:

1- As soon as you receive your course syllabus, identify any potential conflicts between your religious obligations and course requirements.

NOTE: Contact Equity Services if you are unclear if your religious observance requires accommodation under the Policy

2- Make a formal written request to your instructor indicating the nature of the religious obligation and suggest possible alternative dates and/or means of satisfying the academic requirements.

NOTE: Such request should be made during the first two weeks of the term, or as soon as possible after a need for accommodation is known to exist, but in no case later than the second last week of classes for that term.

Even if you are unclear as to the exact date of the obligation (e.g., when waiting for a moon sighting) you are still expected to notify your instructor of the potential conflict and explore accommodation options.

3- If your request for accommodation is denied you may contact Equity Services and request assistance in an informal review of the decision.

For detailed information on Religious Obligations please visit Equity Services’ website at: accommodation/academic/