Election Platforms

Presidential Platforms


Yumna Nummer


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, Whose blessings are ever-dominating throughout my life.
If elected as President of the CU-MSA, I will strive to uphold its mission to provide a supportive and enriching environment for students and to represent the concerns of the Muslim body on campus. My priority as President will be to build community and strengthen our commitment to Islamic work as students in order to become positive forces of change in our communities. My goal as President will be to continue the work of those before me to build a community that is well-connected to each other and to our fundamental Islamic values.

To the best of my ability as President of the MSA, I will strive to achieve the following;

Increase student engagement and community through
  • Transitioning to more social and in-person events, activities, lectures, and halaqas
  • Providing casual volunteer opportunities to engage a wider range of students
  • Continuing collaboration with other MSA’s, Mosques, clubs, and organizations
  • Re-joining Carleton University events and programs like Club Expo and the Mentorship Program
  • Encouraging creative social media campaigns for greater outreach


Increase the MSA Council’s cohesion, engagement, and wellbeing
    • Council-wide
      • Facilitate training on Islamic work in particular
      • Provide council-specific trainings and social activities
      • Encourage committee members to carry coordinator positions and provide them with the necessary support to do so
    • Executive Team
      • Continue regular check-ins
      • Train executives on leadership, flexibility, and delegation within their own committees
      • Facilitate rotations for taking time off
      • Ensure the executive team is transparent and visible to the Carleton Muslim community
  • Encourage each committee member, coordinator, and executive to suggest ideas and take on projects that they are passionate about within the MSA framework
  • Re-establish the Advisory Body to ensure the executive team has mentors to refer to regarding difficult MSA-specific issues
  • Provide support and necessary action regarding the Carleton Muslim community’s concerns and needs. This may include, but is not limited to, issues such as mental health, discrimination, and religious accommodation. This will be achieved through chaplaincy, raising concerns to the University, and providing resources/contacts as needed.


Carleton University MSA
  • Committee Member; 2019-2020, 2020-2021
  • Vice-President Services; 2021-2022
Kanata Muslim Association
  • Halaqa Lead; February 2021-Present
  • Coordinator; February 2019-March 2020
Muslim Association of Canada
  • iRise Coordinator; 2019-2020
West Carleton SS MSA
  • Founder, President; 2017-2018, 2018-2019
National Council of Canadian Muslims
  • Office Assistant; 2016-2017

Academic Terms served in the CU-MSA:



Saad Babur


Assalaamu A’laikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. In the name of Allah the Most Merciful and the Extremely Merciful If elected as your President , I will strive my best in upholding the core values of what it means to follow the legacy of the prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ life.
While keeping in mind our vision to effect positive change in the community, I hope to work together with everyone in a respectful manner and build upon the good relationships and programs that have already been made.
The following are some of what I will put my energy and efforts towards:
  • Focus on finding ways to boost volunteer involvement and collaboration both on exec and council levels.
  • Foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for all MSA members, new or otherwise.
  • Work with exec team in helping the committee to improve clarity with regards to how a committee member may contribute to the council.
  • Making knowledge a central theme in our council and encouraging tough discussions whether it be in solving conflict or discussing tough problems religiously or related to student life, while maintaining a healthy relationship with people of knowledge such as imams and masaajid.
  • To focus on finding more prayer spaces, throughout the campus and raise other issues affecting the muslim community on campus, ranging from education of discrimnation and racism to rights and freedoms of unknowing students.
  • Seek, maintain, manage, and boost relationships with other clubs and societies on campus, CUSA, and other organizations within the Ottawa community, through various means of communication.
  • Ensure that the Association is well represented and maintains no affiliations with any political parties. Continue to have leadership and communication workshops or trainings which enhance all members skills
  • To focus much more on team building and streamlining communications between committees
  • Have a focused meeting with each exec and plan the year in the summer
  • Be a listener to all feedback and respond effectively with recommendations of the team and imams if needed
  • The imams will be contacted and looked for advice, which would be an advisory group to be made
  • Working on guidelines previously established and discussed and giving incoming execs more training on working in Islamic environments
  • Cooperating with the university and getting in-person events happening again


IAW 2019-2020

Booth leader

  • Led trainings over a 3-month period in preparation for the week of IAW
  • Organized, managed and supervised 70 volunteers
Islamic Relief

Event Coordinator 2019 – Present


Prayer director 2019-2020, khateeb organizer


On-Going Programs


Islamic Programs


OMA-liaisons and helped with programming

  • Volunteer for conference, security and maintenance
Vice President External
  • Lead the External Committee in all of it’s activities

Academic Terms served in the CU-MSA: