Election Platforms 2021-2022

Candidate Platforms

Presidential Platforms


In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful

If I am elected as your president, I would first and foremost strive to uphold the mission of the MSA to be a representation of Islam on the Carleton campus and a reflection of the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. I recognize the legacy of this position’s predecessors and their collective visions for the organization. I hope to carry on any of their ongoing initiatives that reflect MSA values and benefit the community.

Additionally, in my capacity as president of the MSA, I would strive to achieve the following:

  • Ensuring specific steps are taken to increase volunteer engagement
  • Increase general engagement with the larger Muslim community of Ottawa through collaborations, new events, new services, open channels of communication with the executive team, and greater transparency overall
  • Improve our relationship with highschool MSAs through collaborations and services such as the MSA scholarship, mentorship programs, open houses with the masajid, and more
  • Reintroduce the mentorship program in collaboration with the university for first years and second years to help students with the transition to university and increase awareness of MSA services and events on campus
  • Improve volunteer conditions for the executive team by ensuring the continuation of VPI check-ins, access to community advisors, and mandatory breaks from the MSA
  • Continue to introduce new and innovative services and events through the MSA, such as information on students’ religious rights and accommodations, access to advisors on topics like mental health and student finances, and continuing to participate in the conversation on sensitive topics like sexual assault and racism
  • Strive to foster an environment in the MSA that is welcoming to all Muslims at Carleton, irrespective of the degree of their relationship with the deen
  • Ensure a seamless transition to online communication so that the MSA functions effectively online and serves the community at the same calibre in the digital climate 
  • Ensure there is fluid and continuous communication between the president and executives, and executives with their directors, hence establish coherence among all members of the MSA


  • CUMSA – Vice-President Finance, 2020-21
  • CUMSA – IAW Resource Manager, 2019-2020
  • Enactus Carleton – Vice-President Finance, 2019-20
  • Enactus Carleton – Project Manager, 2018-19
  • PSA – VP Internal 2019-20
  • PSA – Events Coordinator 2018-19

Administrator Platforms


Asslamualaikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatu,

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The CU-MSA is not simply a gathering of Muslims at Carleton, it also represents Islam and its values and teachings to the wider community on campus. The MSA cannot perform at its fullest unless all the cogs within fit snugly and run smoothly. The administrator undoubtedly has a critical role in ensuring smooth, efficient operation within the MSA.

If I am elected for the role of administrator, in addition to my basic duties I intend to implement the following in sha Allah:

1. Promote better transparency, communication and collaboration between committees as well as with the wider community through providing regular updates as well as enhancing our channels of feedback

2. Consolidate the network attached server (NAS) for both off-site data storage as well as further testing and developing its capabilities in hosting various apps and services such as the MSA website

3. Evaluate the performance of the NAS as a centralized data centre for event planning and file sharing in order to reduce organizational dependency on 3rd party services such as Google and to further enhance redundancy within our systems

4. Further improve the user experience on our Discord server by simplifying the server interface and enhancing security within the server

5. Further increase our online engagement with the broader Muslim community at Carleton and within Ottawa by making our club and events more accessible

6. Experiment with further developing the Discord server as a community hub for the broader Muslim community to increase our community engagement through digital means in order to grow our community and develop future MSA leaders

7. Establish a set of procedures with enhanced redundancy to further improve the Jummuah set-up process

8. Improve the Jummuah experience by fine tuning the audio systems and evaluating the floor plan and registration to accommodate for COVID-19 restrictions

These goals are not something I can achieve alone, it is not something the admin committee can achieve alone. It is something I hope will improve the cohesion and strength of the MSA and the broader Muslim community and it is something that requires the collaboration of all the committees within the MSA and the support of this community.


  • CU-MSA :
    • Services Committee member 2018/2019,
    • 2019/2020 Admin Committee member 2020/2021
    • Discord server developer and moderator 2020/2021
  • AMA:
    • Fundraising Committee member 2020/2021
    • Donation Cans Campaign Planner 2020/2021
  • Experienced in audio systems for streaming and live public address
  • Assisted in the development of the current Jummuah set-up procedures manual
  • Experienced in planning meetings and activities to achieve desired goals as a PASS Facilitator

VP Internal Platforms


If elected as your VP Internal for 2021-2022, I will ensure that I create a welcoming, coherent and safe environment for MSA members by:

  • Ensuring effective communication on the executive and director level of the MSA by:
    • Creating group chats where execs can communicate freely about collaborations and plans.
    • Making sure each exec is communicating effectively with their directors and that their plan is running smoothly.
  • Providing each executive member of the MSA with the support that they need by:
    • Checking in on a semester-base to see what their needs are for the semester plan, and what is the best way to support them.
  • Encouraging more engagement (especially if operating online for next year) amongst council members by:
    • Creating monthly challenges for council members to participate in and have prizes at the end of the year. These can be online or in person depending on how MSA operates next year.
    • Designing more workshops geared towards the needs of the council like stress management and communication 101.
    • Planning initiatives for posting on bi-weekly bases to increase Islamic knowledge about different subject matters, like the 99 Names of Allah, hadiths and duaas.
    • Planning other initiatives (weekly or bi-weekly) that are geared towards decreasing stress and improve mental health like Meme Mondays and Wellness Wednesdays.
  • Addressing issues within the council by:
    • Creating an anonymous Google form for suggestion for improvements, as well as bringing light to any issues that they are aware of.
    • Discussing these issues and suggestions with the president as well as any respective executive member, and come up with solutions to fix them.


  • Volunteer teaching assistant at Rahma Arabic school (2016-2020)
  • Assistant counselor for Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) 2019 Summer camp (2019)
  • Carleton university first year connections mentor (2019-2020)
  • CUMSA Islamic programming director (2020-2021)
  • CUMSA Islam Awareness Week Social media Director (2020)
  • CUMSA Islam Awareness Week Coordinator (2021)

VP External Platforms


Assalaamu A’laikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful and the Extremely Merciful

If elected as your Vice-President External, I will strive my best in upholding the core values of what it means to follow the legacy of the prophet Muhammad’s life. While keeping in mind our vision to effect positive change in the community, I hope to work together with everyone in a respectful manner and build upon the good relationships and programs that have already been made. 

The following are some of what I will put my energy and efforts towards:

  • Focus on finding ways to increase volunteer involvement in the committee.
  • Foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for all MSA members, new or otherwise.
  • Delegate more tasks to volunteers within the committee and improve clarity with regards to how a committee member may contribute to the council.
  • Work with the executive team to focus more on people building, which means focusing on building new relationships with people within the council through different efforts. 
  • Giving time to volunteers and delving into what interesting ideas they may have for the community, therefore listening to their opinions and giving them chances to work on projects which would benefit the community.
  • To focus on finding ways to get more committee involvement through different methods of activities and delegation of tasks
  • To maintain and enhance CU-MSA ties and engagement with organizations such as the OMSAC, NCCM, OMA and the university.
  • To focus on finding more prayer spaces throughout the campus and raise other issues affecting the muslim community on campus, ranging from education of discrimnation and racism to rights and freedoms of unknowing students.
  • Assist the President in external communications and public representation of the Association  
  • Seek, maintain, manage, and boost relationships with other clubs and societies on campus, CUSA, and other organizations within the Ottawa community, through various means of communication.  
  • Ensure that the Association is well represented and maintains no affiliations with any political parties  
  • Lead a successful plan for the External Affairs Committee with its members and keeping them engaged.


  • IAW 2019-2020 – Booth leader
  • Led trainings over a 3-month period in preparation for the week of IAW
  • Organized, managed and supervised 70 volunteers
  • Islamic Relief – Event Coordinator 2019 – Present
  • Services – Prayer director 2019-2020, khateeb organizer 
  • Internal – On-Going Programs
  • Finance – Islamic Programs
  • External – OMA Liaison and helped with programming
  • ISNA – Volunteer for conference, security and maintenance

VP Services Platforms


If elected as VP Services, I will strive to meet and exceed the religious needs and expectations of students on campus. Fulfilling the religious needs of students is a great responsibility which I hope – with the help of Allah SWT – I will be able to carry. 

As VP Services, my goals will be:

  • To build well-rounded Muslim students who are increasingly learning and becoming better versions of themselves
  • To provide religious services that are inclusive of students of all levels of religiosity 
  • To work with other committees and the President on outreach to a greater population of Muslims on campus who are not normally engaged with the MSA
  • To maintain a combination of in-person and online services with the uncertain and likely hybrid return to campus in the upcoming year to ensure accessibility

These goals will be achieved through the following areas of focus:

Religious Programming

  • Implement “Islam 101” halaqas on the basics of Aqeedah, Fiqh, Tafseer, Seerah, and Tazkiyah that are designed to be accessible to individuals of all levels of religiosity
  • Continue collaboration with local mosques and speakers for Islamic services and programming

Spiritual Support

  • Continue the Brothers’ and Sisters’ Chats throughout the year to provide Muslims on campus with the brotherhood and sisterhood needed to maintain their faith and discuss common challenges
  • Make chaplaincy more accessible through stronger advertising and creating an online-booking system for smoother access and communication


  • Clean and disinfect prayer spaces more frequently with a systematic cleaning schedule and according to University guidelines 
  • Collaborate with the University and Executive team to provide extra prayer space to avoid crowding due to social distancing guidelines, as needed
  • Follow up with the University on the Musallah renovations to ensure a smooth transition and gather feedback on the renovations as students return to campus

Jumuah Prayer

  • Appoint a Jumuah Prayer lead to oversee weekly logistics like the sound system as well as ensuring potential COVID-19 safety measures are upheld such as social distancing and frequent cleaning
  • Work with the Jumuah Prayer lead to train new members on the Prayer’s logistics for smoother set up and tear down
  • Hold a Khateeb Training Workshop during the Summer Term to ensure that students are ready to give khutbahs as needed in the school year

Special Events

  • Hold larger in-person events like the Big Lecture when possible
  • Return to daily iftars and in-person Ramadan programming to build community


  • Provide leadership opportunities within the committee on individual projects to provide committee members with experience and engage them with the MSA
  • Implement a feedback space online and in the Musallah for continuous improvement of services
  • Ensure accessibility of services with the hybrid reality of the upcoming year by simultaneously providing both online and in-person options when possible


  • Carleton University MSA – Services Committee Member – September 2019-Present
  • Young Diplomats of Canada – Volunteer – February 2021-Present
  • Kanata Muslim Association – Halaqa Lead – February 2021-Present
  • Community Partnership Project, Student Experience Office – Participant – October 2020-Present
  • ILEADx – Coordinator – February 2019-March 2020
  • West Carleton SS MSA – Founder, President – January 2018-June 2019

VP Student Life Platforms


If elected as the Vice-President of the Student Life committee I hope to host the following events according to how the current situation proceeds:

Pandemic Persists (events will be virtual until further notice)

  • Host Trivia Nights, Movie Nights, and/or Game Nights (open for collaborations with High School MSA’s or University MSA’s)
  • Virtual Meet and Greet 
  • Networking Event
    • Hear from successful Muslim Alumni  (Master/Doctorate students, Med students, STEM and non-STEM  students, and employers)

Pandemic Ends:

  • Meet and Greet (BBQ or a dinner)
  • Movie Night
  • Game Night
  • Paint Night 
  • Coffee House
    • Theme to be determined 
  • Networking Event 
  • Sports Tournament 


This is my second year as part of the SL committee so, I have experience with planning and hosting both virtual and in-person events. I have good leadership, time management, organization, and motivational skills which will help me in my role. Also, the goal of the SL committee is to plan events for the people and make sure they leave the event with a smile on their faces. The aim is to make sure students form lasting friendships and unforgettable memories from these events. Therefore, I will try my best to think about what people like and what they find amusing.

VP Finance Platforms


Bismillahi Al Rahmaan Al Raheem

If I am chosen as the MSA’s Vice President of Finance, I would like to introduce a few new ideas, alongside building off of what the past VPFs have already established.

Council Related

  • Collaborate with Admin to create a finance section on the MSA website. This section would contain finance related information and resources such as tax guides, a budgeting tool, and investments. It would also contain links to recorded zoom lectures from the past relating to finance for easy access (all in one place!) 
  • Run 2 events to fundraise for council expenses (such as services led community iftaars, canva membership, cleaning supplies for musallah, annual barbeque) 
  • Continuing the execution of events that had been planned and postponed due to COVID, like the rooted in faith dinner and fastathon, when possible
  • Implement and promote the scholarship program drafted by the current VPF and VPE

Executive Related

  • Allocating resources and creating a budget for each committee
  • Outline budgets and present financial statements to keep committee cash flows in check, done on a monthly basis during executive meetings

Finance Committee Related

  • Improve committee engagement: ensure committee directors know what is expected of them by running training sessions
  • Relaxed COVID restrictions: If University and provincial restrictions permit, we would like to bring back on campus Jumaah sales
  • Semester Causes: Plan and execute 3 or more fundraisers per semester for selected causes
  • Finance directors and functions:
    • Admin directors- create committee budgets and introduce sponsorship packages
    • Fundraising directors- select a cause for the semester and brainstorm methods of execution
    • Sales directors- Ordering and keeping track of merchandise and Jumaah sales
    • Resource management directors- take inventory and keep updated on a semesterly basis
    • Lectures and workshops directors- organizing lectures and workshops relating to finance by inviting experts from the muslim community to share their knowledge and expertise


  • CUMSA: Finance Director Position, 2019-2021
  • Carleton University: Bachelor of Commerce, 2019-2021
  • Zeesbakes: Own and operate a small pastry business, managing administrative issues, marketing, and developing business strategies, 2017-2021 
  • CUMSA Charity Week: Events Director, Fall 2020
  • HR/ Entrepreneurship Intern Summer/ Fall 2020

VP Communications Platforms


If elected as the Vice-President of Communications, I would try my best to  enforce the following:

  • Ensure that all communications materials for all events are properly managed and planned among the communications committee
  • Manage media relations and ensure proper contact between members of the communications team, the CUMSA members
  • Prioritize the outreach to all Muslims at Carleton University to ensure we are being as welcoming as possible with our media outreach
  • Lead a great team of professionals in marketing , media and communications and ensure that all members of the communications committee are given the proper training to complete their tasks
  • Delegate tasks to ensure that no member of the communications committee is overwhelmed, overtasked or otherwise under pressure
  • Track information amongst other committees and ensure proper data collection and transfer through the use of the Event Form and any new platforms that may be necessary
  • Make sure that the CU-MSA brand is consistent throughout all platforms, and all media productions have a consistent graphical theme in accordance with the Brand Guide
  • Manage presence in different events by informing the public with descriptive infographics to encourage a higher turnout, particularly from the greater Carleton Muslim community
  • Creating a budget for the communications team if necessary and keeping in touch with VP finance for any updates and changes
  • Ensuring engagements on social media by posting different Islamic facts and quizzes
    • Creating different social media initiatives to increase engagement in our social media
    • Making sure that we can engage our followers on our social media enough to train the algorithms (e.g. on Instagram) to show our posts on their feed
    • Ensure that the Facebook presence of CU-MSA is consistent and lively
  • Sending out informative newsletters to subscribe viewers biweekly or monthly to keep them informed on events and other issues
  • Introducing a Google form on our social media platforms , to encourage members of CUMSA to give suggestions or comment on topics and events.
  • Possibly introducing short videos or live discussion forums on our social media platforms to further connect with the muslim community. (e.g inviting guest speakers to tackle Islamic topics )


  • HEAD GIRL (Heritage Global Academy) – 2018-2019
    • I was the head girl in my secondary school back in Nigeria. I was tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the students and maintaining order amongst students.
  • STUDENT VOLUNTEER (Columbia International College) – 2019 -2020
    • I volunteered for numerous events and fundraising including Doctors without borders and hoops for heart.
    • I am a member of the Bachelors in global and International Studies equity Committee in Carleton University . We help ensure peace and order within the program , as well as equal opportunity . I am in the communications subcommittee and we design graphics for the committee.
    • I help pack and hand over hampers for students who request for food items from the food centre on Carleton University campus.
    • I act as an intermediary between the penny drop society and other societies in Carleton. I help to reach out to especially international students or societies in the university to inform them about our financial literacy sessions.