Election Platforms 2019-20

Candidate Platforms

•Develop workshops/training/events within council on raising awareness on topics such as:
-gender equity
-inclusivity (eg. multicultural events that celebrate our diversity!)
•Collaborate with VPSL with incorporating more frequent in-council bonding events (ex. similar to the council showdown from last year).
•Ensure feedback system on CUMSA is available and accessible to the public to receive feedback on all of CUMSA events and follow up/address feedback internally to ensure improvements are made.
•Maintain existing relations/initiate new collaborations with CUSA clubs, along with Equity Relation Directors on topics such as gender equity, anti-racism, mental health awareness. (ex. OPIRG, SAMH, Lotus Community Corner)
•Initiating/further developing interfaith dialogues with faith groups on campus (ex. collaborations on events such as CRAE (curiosity, respect and engagement), an event put on my the Christian Club on Campus)
•Encourage council members engagement with local masjids, as well as collaborating with their existing youth committees on events in line with our awareness programs.
•Continue to recognize efforts of council members at monthly meetings.

-Sisters' Islamic Programming Director (2017-18)
-I.LEAD Volunteer Lead (2017& 2018)
-SNMC Youth Committee, Girls 14+ Portfolio Lead
-IAW Volunteer 2016 to 2019