Election Platforms 2018-19

Candidate Platforms


My goal will be to make CUMSA a more active club in terms of the activities organized by the club. This would include any event in which CU students can participate and therefore get to know more about the MSA and all the events and activities that the MSA organizes. Also, this would include separate events for brothers and sisters but at the same time, serving the needs of Muslim students on campus.



Good leadership skills gained from experience in high school.

Been in the council for 1 year and through that, I got to know the VPs and what they do.

Very outspoken person which would help in communication.



1- The primary goal is to organize various events for both brothers and sisters which will help members and non-members come together in a social setting

2- In addition to the large annual events that the MSA is used to holding (e.g. Wonderland trip, Ski trip, Welcome BBQ), I hope to work with the SL committee to add new events that I believe the muslim youth community at Carleton might be interested in

3- Strive to boost our events’ turn out by implementing feedback forms and polls on our social media and newsletters

4- Collaborate with other Muslim associations/institutions whenever possible to improve event organization and logistics and to increase turn out

5- Improve communication between SL committee and Multimedia and Marketing in order to ensure our social media outreach is as effective as possible

6- Establish a reputation for the MSA as a club that is very active in terms of holding successful events. I hope to achieve this by offering monthly programs/social events for sisters and brothers



Past MSA experiences:

* IAW 2017 Volunteer

* Fast-A-Thon Volunteer

* Student Life committee: Sisters’ events director 2017/18

* IAW 2018 Booth leader

* Served as an Interim VPSL for 2-3 weeks (duration when the VPSL was unavailable)

* Supported the communication committee when needed



-Initiate and maintain bi-weekly clean up of the musalla and ablution room

-maintain Jumaa carpet clean up 1-2 times a semester

-continue to keep good relations with our khateebs and organize an efficient and effective scheduling method catered to both our student khateebs and imams

-organize a khateeb workshop which would be run by capable imam/individuals and prepare the next set of khateebs not only for campus prayers but also for the muslim community in Ottawa (high schools, hospitals)

-organize lectures for each semester by fit speakers


Have experience in scheduling and contacting khateebs, carpet/musalla clean up, organizing lectures, and administrative skills acquired through IAW.



1 – Organize the structure and co-ordination within the committee to produce graphics promptly

2 – Coordinate with the photographers and videographers to record and capture special moments in our events and success

3 – Motivate the videographers to produce our promotional videos on time and coordinate with VP Marketing for advertising efficiently

4 – Assist the photographers to submit the promotional images captured in the events for all our social media

5 – Work closely with VP Marketing to successfully market our events.


  1. Director of Graphic Design – 2017/18
  2. IAW Booth Leader – 2018
  3. Director of Graphic Design – 2016/17
  4. IAW Volunteer – 2017
  5. Postering Director 2016-2017
  6. Assisting Student Life with organizing events 2016/17



If elected, I intend on expanding CUMSA’s reach in terms of marketing, both on our social media platforms and on campus. Specifically:

Social media:

– introduce innovative content on social media by brainstorming with the committee as a whole

– discuss with the execs which campaigns are to be supported by MSA – insuring diversity and inclusivity – and engaging with them on our social media campaign by creating an MSA series related to them. For example, islamic history month, black history month, world hijab day, asian heritage month, world indigenous day, pink shirt day, and others.

– work with the Administration committee on regularly posting on the MSA blog to keep it active and benefit our readers with its contents inshaAllah

– ensure an open and organized communication with other committees in order to update the MSA social media platforms according to their events and services

– post of our events live on our social media platforms (facebook stories, snapchat, instagram stories, live tweeting) and assign individuals this specific role

– ensure clear marketing for MSA volunteer recruitments on social media, and work with the president for an organized process and prompt response to every applicant

On campus:

– introducing innovative marketing and recruitment startegies on campus by brainstorming with the committee

– create a thorough marketing plan for every event MSA will host, where marketing for it will be depending on the nature of each specific event, to target a specific audience

– set a regular tabling schedule as a marketing strategy to keep MSA relevant and on campus, to introduce our events and services to more students, and to recruit volunteers

– ensure that the postering task is divided between the members fairly, and communicating with other committees to get necessary help depending on the host of the event

– support with poster designing if needed,

-work with multimedia to host a graphic design, photography, and videography workshop to introduce members to the different digital skills that would benefit them in the future, and benefit MSA in content creation

– & be of support in case of any sudden situation

As well

– ensure each member of my committee has a clear role and is comfortable in it

– follow up with directors on a set regular basis (depending on both our availabilities, but minimum once a week) to ensure proper communication, encourage them to preform their tasks well, support them, and give them a chance to open up about any problems they may be facing regarding their role, position, or anything MSA may help with

– host a small tabling event to raise awareness about islamophobia (islamophobia awareness day?) and how it intersects with race and gender inequalities

– encourage within the exec team, and with members as a whole, a more professional working environment without losing the social support our MSA is renounced for

– encourage a more regular form of islamic reminders on campus, perhaps a weekly halaqa

– work with the president and campus sexual harassment services to appoint a Muslim representative to help prevent it, and to support Muslim students deal with any problems they face regarding that



Along with having a 2 year experience being the marketing head for the ottawa chapter of Almaghrib institute (Qabeelat Ansar), I have worked with organisations such as OMA and MAC awards in the context of marketing. I have helped market for family events and The Homeless Campaign (OMA) and for an annual high school awards night called EMAAN for two years (MAC).

Experience aside, I consider myself a dedicated member of the MSA, organized and resourceful. I enjoy working in groups and I always try hard to consider everyone’s ideas.



If elected as Vice President of Marketing I plan to work to the best of my ability in upholding the strong reputation of the MSA marketing. Mashaallah the MSA has always had an amazing marketing outreach and I plan to uphold this through constant updates of all social media platforms while also implementing new ideas and strategies to gain more outreach. One thing I hope to constantly update the Instagram and snapchat account throughout the whole year. This can include one or two posts a week to gain more followers and keeping current followers entertained. Another big thing I would like to do is to create new strategies of outreach in order for non council and students to hear about club events and news.


I have served on the communications team for 4 terms in the MSA council therefore I am aware of the style and techniques of our marketing. I am constantly up to date with new trends, whether it be through maintaining my personal accounts or coordinating the social media platforms of school clubs. One of the major marketing roles I’ve held was being the Head Director of media for Carleton’s Islam Awareness week 2017. I was responsible for the marketing of the entire event which included implementing new marketing strategies and delegating tasks for the communication’s team sub committees. This role was a very big mind opener for me in the world of social media and was a great opportunity for me to experience the responsibilities of a marketing leader. I am also the social media director for the Palestinian students Associations. This role requires me to maintain the activeness of the Instagram and snapchat account and marketing any club events and news.



I would like to work on improving the website in terms of speed, quality of content, and making it more interactive and responsive. I would also like to bring more user-friendly features to the newsletter and make it more engaging and easier to read for the audience. Another goal I have for this committee is to start working on a mobile application for the MSA which would make it easier for volunteers and the general public to get in touch with what the MSA offers (such as events, social media, website) all in one place and convenient.


I was part of the admin team this year and I have learned many things along the way. I also have sufficient WordPress experience and genuinely enjoy creating good content. I would like to utilize my leadership qualities and work closely with the committee members to ensure a enjoyable and enthusiastic working environment.




Insha’Allah, I intend to…

* Coordinate communications between the Carleton University Muslim Students’ Association and the (High School MSA’s, UOMSA, Mosques in the National Capital Region, Broader Muslim Community in the National Capital Region)

* Maintain our Independence in terms of political activity. (On-Campus/Off-Campus – Hold Non Partisan Stance) Yet encourage political participation. (Getting Out The Vote)

* Focus on Qualitative over Quantitative long-term professional relationships between the MSA and external organizations such as (Sponsors, Media, etc…)

* Increase awareness about the MSA among other clubs and societies on campus. As well as make our presence visible and known to new students at CarletonU.


In the CU-MSA:

* Social Media Director 2016-2017

* Newsletter Director 2017-2018

* IAW 2017 Videographer

The majority of my experience comes from off-campus commitments, take a look by visiting my LinkedIn profile below.




Take initiative and leadership for all work within and beyond the position’s responsibilities.

Use my experience to train the next generation of MSA students about team work, leadership and time management skills.

Make sure to expand MSA’s network beyond its current confinements.

Make sure everyone on the team gains valuable experience in taking responsibility.

Use the network circle in every way so it can be beneficial to the MSA.


IAW Program Coordinator 2018

MSA Event Director 2017-2018

Heriot Watt Undergraduate Officer 2015-2016

RRRA Floor Rep 2016-2017

Heriot Watt School Officer 2015-2016

Merryland Prefect 2011-2015



  • Transparency and detailed tracking of MSA finances (knowing how much we have, knowing how much we make with events/fundraisers, how its spent etc.)
  • Researching and sustaining reliable food suppliers throughout the year (ex. for Friday prayer)
  • Purchase new donation boxes
  • Creating a policy for reimbursements
  • Having more lectures dealing with Islamic finances (debt, student loans, investments, interest, being smart with money etc.)
  • Have more fundraising initiatives throughout the year (more MSA bake sales throughout the year, implementing other fundraising ideas ex. a fundraising dinner etc.).
  • Researching different causes to fundraiser for throughout the semester (staying consistent with fundraising at Friday prayers, diversifying different causes etc.)
  • Implementing a points card. We would give out a points card (like the one you get at sushi places, for example) that will be stamped every time people buy food at the Friday prayer table. Example: buy 8 samosas get 1 free.
  • Re-establish membership cards. Coming up with a registration system to keep track of membership cards that are being bought/used (Possibly numbering each card and have an option for that number to be inputted during registration so you know who exactly is using it. This will help keep track of the memberships bought).
  • Keeping MSA inventory list updated and public to council, making sure inventory list is updated when necessary by resource managers
  • Continue with fundraising initiatives during Ramadan (continuing with daily smoothie sales, daily committee bake sales, collecting donations for different causes etc.)



Sales Director for 2018, IAW Resource Management Director for 2018, Finance Volunteer for 2016/2017, IAW Volunteer 2017




-Develop workshops/training sessions within the council on topics such as: gender equality, anti-racism, inclusivity, conflict resolution with the purpose of strengthening the connection between council members as a whole while participating in educational/interactive gatherings

-Collaborate with VPSL with incorporating more frequent in-council bonding events (i.e. the Council showdown and similar events!)

-Ensure feedback system on CU-MSA is available and accessible to the public, to receive feedback on all events and take on responsibility of following up and addressing the concerns internally to ensure improvements

-Maintain existing relations and initiate new collaborations with CUSA clubs (i.e. OPIRG, SAMH and others) on discussion on important topics mentioned above (gender equality, anti-racism, mental health awareness)

-Encourage council member to engage with their local masjids as well as collaborating with local masjids on events/workshops on topics such as: community involvement, mental health awareness and other important discussions

-Continue bridging connection with the Indigenous Community on campus in the Ottawa Region by incorporating educational lectures and open floor dialogues

-Continue CU-MSA FROSH and other outreach to the Carleton Student Body for all year round recruitment to the Association, and also clear misconceptions that may withhold individuals from joining the #FamilyinFaith!

-Out-reach to High School MSAs in the Ottawa Region, to familiarize themselves with Post-Secondary MSAs, in addition maintain connection with UOMSA by collaborating on more events



-Sisters’ Islamic Programming Director, 2017-18

-IAW Volunteer 2016, 2017, 2018

-I.Lead Volunteer Leader 2017, 2018

-CU-MSA FROSH 2017 (Lead on very first Pancake-Brekky)

-SNMC General/Youth Volunteer, 2011-Present




InshaAllah I plan to ensure all the workings of the MSA run smoothly! If the president needs help in a particular area I would be able to readily assist. I plan to also help the MSA improve by supporting each committee with running equity workshops. If I find there is a need for any other kinds of training or support within the team I would readily implement it. I hope to not only make the MSA an efficient system of collaborating teams, but also an awesome place where we can come together as a #familyinfaith 🙂 !



I have had experience as a youth coordinator for several years ensuring the team was always on track, meeting their deadlines and fulfilling their assigned roles. As Vice-President Student life I have also gained experience in managing many individuals with various tasks. I hope to help the MSA become more awesome 🙂 by being a dedicated exec an making sure the team stays passionate and devoted throughout the academic year.