2016 Events

CU-MSA in collaboration with UOMSA is inviting you all for the screening of TUG OF WAR, a movie that promises to shed an extraordinary light on what the road to radicalization really looks like. It’s a timely tale of two Muslim youth who become exposed to radicalised Islam and their gripping journey to the opposite ends of the spectrum. The movie will then be followed with a discussion with Boonaa Mohammed. Feel free to come along with your friends and family. Tickets will be available at the door for $6.

Time: 5:00 PM

When: Saturday – December 3rd, 2016

Location: Carleton University Bell Theatre (Minto Centre 1000)

Visit us at Fenn Lounge this Friday for a chance to give back! The CU-MSA along with Canada Blood Services is organizing a Blood Donor Drive which will give you an opportunity to benefit others.

To check your eligibility, please click here.

Time: 1:30 PM – 6:30 PM

When: Friday – December 2nd, 2016

Location: Fenn Lounge, Residence Commons

Facing doubts about interest, credit cards and loan? To provide you all a clarity on this, CU-MSA is organising a Student Finance Workshop this Thursday (i.e. November 24th, 2016). The very basics of interest, halal mortgages, finances and money management will be discussed. A Facilitator from National Student Loan Services Center will be there to explain the services available to the students. A wide range of topics will be discussed which includes how to manage credit cards while not paying interest, how to manage student debts while being in school and after school, how to plan a mortgage. General tips for saving money as a student will also be provided like student travel hacks. Feel free to reach and get your doubts cleared.

Time: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

When: Thursday – November 23rd, 2016

Where: 340 Tory Building


Folks, here is a great opportunity for you all to take a break from ongoing classes & assignments and to engage yourself in a friendly competition against your friends and fellow students. CU-MSA is organizing a Jeopardy Night where you can test your knowledge on a variety of topics in a fun environment. The entrance fee of $5 will also include food and drinks. Lets not miss this 3 hour fun before getting into 3 hour finals.

Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

When: Saturday – November 19th, 2016

Venue: Tory Building 204 & 206


The Prophet (peace be upon him) says, “No house has been built in Islam more beloved in the sight of Allah than through marriage.” Brothers & Sisters, as most of us have entered the age group that Islam permits to get married, lets focus on what Islam says about marriage. CU-MSA is organizing an open discussion on The Realities of Marriage. The speakers will be a married couple: Hesham Alaghbari and Hend Bindari. The key topics for the discussion will be : realistic expectations of marriage, how to prepare yourself for marriage, choosing a partner, and compatibility. The lecture will be followed by Q&A. Come to benefit yourself before getting into the purest bond with your future partner. Refreshments will also be provided 🙂

Time: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

When: Thursday – November 10th, 2016

Where: 340 Tory Building


Lets join hands to help people suffering in Yemen crisis. CU-MSA is organizing a bake sale on 09-11-2016 at UC Atrium where council members will be providing delicious baked goods to be sold. The funds will help provide missing supplies such as hygiene items, food, medication, toys as well as clothes to Yemeni refugees located in Al-Markazi’s camp as well as Al-Rahma center. Come for help. Your few bucks can provide the supper and shelter for someone staying out in cold.

Time: 9:00 AM

When: Wednesday – November 9th, 2016

Where: UC Atrium


Time to Strengthen our Imaan and bring Sunnah in our life as CU-MSA in association with ICC & MYO is organizing a Khateeb Workshop on 05-11-2016. Let us convene to brush up our basics in Islam. It would be a great opportunity for all of us to learn how to deliver Sermons (khutbah) and how to call the Azaan. Many more sunnah will also be discussed there.

Time: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

When: Saturday – November 5th, 2016

Where: Azrieli Pavilion 132


Preparing Mid terms this reading week ? Lets refresh ourself before actually getting into the week. Gamers get yourself ready to shout “Air-ball” and “Goal” as CU-MSA is organizing Game Night on Friday evening for both brothers and sisters. Paid refreshments (Pizza – $2, Pop – $1) will also be available. No interference, as different rooms will be available for different games.
Time: 6:00 PM

When: Friday – October 21st, 2016

Where: Canal Building 3102, 3208, 3201

Price: Free! 🙂


The CU-MSA is organizing a lecture series, with the first beginning on the 14th of October, 2016 in sha’Allah. This event is open to all and will serve as a great boon for people who are looking to find a way to practice their deen and to manage their daily life.
Time: 6:30 PM

When: Friday – October 14th, 2016

Where: 132 Azrieli Pavillion

Price: Free! 🙂


Formerly known as Mark T. Watson, Malik Al Nasir was born in Liverpool in 1966 to a Guyanese father and a Welsh mother. Al Nasir grew up part of his life away from his family under child care authority after his father became ill. As a teen, he was influenced by rebel legends, including poets Gil Scott-Heron and Jalal Mansur Nuriddin of the ‘Last Poets’. He later dropped out of law school to become a poet himself and published a poetry book called ‘Ordinary Guy’ which chronicles his life from a teen to his twenties. Recently in Aug. 2015, he released his first album entitled “Rhythms of the Diaspora” which featured some of the poets who influences Al Nasir as a young artist. A rare individual, a poet, and an activist, Al Nasir is viewed as a “self-invented radical hero.”

Time: 6:30 PM

When: Friday – September 23rd, 2016

Where: Tory Building 238, Carleton University

Price: Free! 🙂


To conclude welcoming the new members of our #FamilyInFaith and to also celebrate Eid al-Adha with the your friends and families; and your friends’ families!

We the CU-MSA are hosting a welcome week BBQ.

With activities for both brothers and sisters, along with delicious food and beverages, this is one Eid outing you dont want to miss.

First-years, welcome to university!!

#FamilyInFaith #CUMSABBQ16

Food Prices:

Burgers & Drink…………… $4.00

Hotdogs & Drink…………… $3.00

Ice-cream sandwiches…… $0.50

Our activities include:





The CU-MSA is back with another photography competition and the theme this time is ‘I love my Country’.

So for the international students, here’s your chance to send some love back home.

All you got to do is snap a picture that represents your country and submit it to the CU-MSA.

The most intriguing picture will be declared the winner based on the number of likes on Facebook.


  • No touch ups or editing allowed
  • Max 3 pictures per person
  • Submit your pictures to communications@cumsa.ca


  • 1st place: $25 + t-shirt
  • 2nd place: $20 + t-shirt
  • 3rd place: $15 + t-shirt

Due date: September 5th 2016


The CU-MSA invites you to the Eid al-Adha prayer being held at Fenn Lounge on Monday, September 12th, 2016. The prayer will start at 9 am. Refreshments will be served so bring your friends and family and join us on this blessed day!


CU-MSA is organizing a Wonderland trip as an end-of-summer special event. Come join us for an entire day of thrill rides, live entertainment, and more! As the event will follow a sharp schedule, participants are asked the arrive on time.

When: July 30th 2016

Departure from Carleton University: 5:30AM (ETA to Canada’s Wonderland: 12:00PM)

Departure from Canada’s Wonderland: 7:00PM (ETA to Carleton University: Midnight)

Where: Canada’s Wonderland

Price: $90 for members, and $95 for nonmembers

Tickets can be purchased in two ways, online at our store and you could pick-up your physical ticket after the Friday prayer or on the day of the event. You can also purchase them in-person from one of our sales reps listed below (cash only):

Ahmed El Khazndar – Carleton University – 613-890-1596

Ahmed Shaikh – Prince of Wales – 613-869-5661

Hersi Osman – Prince of Wales – 613-983-9340

Arsalan Sadiq – Meadowlands – 613-619-8424

Rana Hammoud – South Keys – 613-296-7871

Ahmed Kuliah –  South Keys – 613-255-5105

Manal Rahim – St Laurent – 613-265-9512

Biftu Omar – Orleans – 613-600-3911

Aqeel Baqar – Barrhaven – 613-282-1352

Beatriz Lujan – Bayshore – 613-816-2171

Mohammad Danyal – Kanata – 613-404-2133


This event is geared towards creating an educational space for non-Black people of color to understand the history of racial tensions and inequality against Black folks, as well as the relevance of the Black Lives Matter movement.

We will have a moderated panel consisting of two panelists who will touch on the intersectionality of being Black and Muslim and creating accessible spaces for those identities, as well as how to create ally ships that dismantle internalize any systemic racism. This event will also have a question and answer period open at the end.

#BlackLivesMatter #FamilyInFaith

Time: 6:00 PM

When: Monday – July 18th, 2016

Where: Canal Building 2104, Carleton University

Price: Free! Let’s spread the awareness 🙂


The CU-MSA will be organizing an Intercultural dialogue in collaboration with the Carleton Wonder Reading Club on Saturday, July 9th. This event aims to bridge gaps between both communities regarding the misinterpretation and misunderstanding of their respective cultures.

All are welcome

Time: 2:00:00 PM

When: July 7th, 2016

Where: Canal Building 2202


The Carleton University Muslim Students’ Association welcomes you to their annual Formal Iftar. This would be a great opportunity for those who have been coming, to meet the bigger group and also the other people working behind the scenes. It will be held in the University Centre Atrium In sha’Allah. Your #FamilyinFaith #CUMSARamadan2016

Time: 8:00:00 PM

When: June 30, 2016

Where: University Centre Atrium
Price: Free 🙂 please come share the goodness!


With the blessed month of Ramadan coming up, the CU-MSA is organizing daily iftars during the weekdays. As many of us are students here and are living away from our families, this would be a great opportunity for everyone to meet your family here at carleton. Your #FamilyinFaith #CUMSARamadan2016

Time: 8:30:00 PM

When: June 6th – July 6th, 2016

Where: Rooster’s Coffeehouse

Price: Free 🙂 please come share the goodness!


A team of six people will be locked in a room with less than an hour to search for clues and find the key to escape before it’s too late.

Time: 6:00

When: March 28th 2016

Where: 201 Queen st (4th floor), Ottawa Ontario

Price: $20 for CU-MSA Members and $25 for General


Are you handy with your digital or mobile camera? Do you have a keen eye for detail or just like taking pictures? The 2016 CUMSA Photography Competition is your chance to showcase your talent!



The trip will be divided into a four-day stay in Mecca, followed by three days in Madinah. Hotel bedrooms accommodate up to four people and local tours are included in the booking.

Flight: Saudi Airlines (full details to be announced)

Cost: $2,450 General* – $2,400 Members* *$300 deposit must be made upon registration

Requirements: Scanned copy of valid passport, sisters must be accompanied by a mahram (e.g. a male adult relative)

Spots are limited so be sure to register soon before the deadline on Jan. 1 if you’re interested.


It’s here again! We are excited to have our annual ski trip in collaboration with UOMSA and MYLT. The trip will take place on the 31st of January, in Camp Fortune. You wouldn’t want to miss on all the fun with your one and only Family in Faith!

When: January 31st

Time: Check in @ 8:00am, departure @ 8:30am

Departure from Camp Fortune back to Carleton @5:00pm

Where: From Carleton to Camp Fortune

Price: $40 for members, $45 for non-members, $30 without equipment

Make sure to register from this link the deadline is January 21st.

This events intends to offer sisters a suitable environment to socialize after the winter break. while being entertained with performances of poetry, stand-up comedy, and more.When: January 31st

Time: 6:30 pm

Where: Roosters Coffeehouse, Uni Centre

Price: $2


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