We are a group of dedicated, hard working and passionate students given the blessed opportunity to be your MSA Council. We all come from diverse backgrounds and specialities, and are united by our intentions to please our creator by serving the community with excellence and sincerity.

Our goal is to reach all Muslim students on campus and ensure you feel welcome and comfortable practising your faith at Carleton through the support and services that we offer. As part of our mission, we are pleased to help create a supportive and fun environment for you, one that you can contribute to and partake in always. Our overall hope and aim is to inspire students to do good, and by extension join our family.

Abdirahman Daheeye
Vice President Finance

Biftu Hulo

Hazla Musa
Vice President Internal

Osama Maqbool
Vice President External

Ahmed El Khazndar

Sahra Omer
Vice President Communication

Muhammad Salman
Vice President Services

Amirah Mirza
Vice President Student Life