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The theme for Islam Awareness Week 2018 is Pursuit of Excellence. It was chosen to highlight the virtuous qualities of excellence we need to incorporate into all aspects of our lives. It is essential, now more than ever, to display these core principles of Excellence, in light of recent misconceptions and misrepresentation of Muslims around the globe.

Booths and Tables

IAW ’18 will provide 3 booths and 6 tables.

Below is a visual representation of all the booths and tables IAW has to offer. Hover over the gold icons to view information related to that specific booth or table.



Missed An IAW Event? We Have You Covered!

1. IAW Information Session (10th Nov 2017) – Slides: View Slides – Video: Watch the full Info Session here

2. IAW General Meeting (13th Jan 2018) – Slides: View Slides – Video: Watch the full General Meeting here

3. IAW Training: Seminar 1 (20th Jan 2018) – Slides: Core Beliefs, Muslim Identity – Video: Watch the Training Seminar #1 here

4. IAW Training: Seminar 2 (3rd Feb 2018) – Slides: Lessons from Prophet Ibrahim (AS), Predestiny or free will – Complimentary or Contradictory – Video: Watch the Training Seminar #2 here

5. IAW Training: Seminar 3 (3rd March 2018) – Slides: Art of Communication – Video: Watch the Training Seminar #3 here

IAW Volunteer Handout

This document was prepared by a team of dedicated CU-MSA-IAW volunteers, for the purpose of identifying the most common questions during IAW and listing pointers that should guide the potential answer to each of these questions.

Click here to read the IAW Volunteer Handout.

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